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There would not be a Student Loan Professor without our ongoing school partnerships, some of which date back a decade. It is an awesome responsibility to help today’s graduates manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt, and we take the obligation quite seriously. Our school partners trust us to provide content that is accurate, relevant, timely, engaging, and strategic. Some of the resources we regularly provide to medical, graduate health, and other programs are listed below. The exact content, format and pricing are based on each school’s specific needs.

Group Exit Counseling and Loan Repayment Presentations for Final Year Students

Student Loan Professor’s exit counseling presentations are what put us on the map in the medical school and graduate health community. These are not “textbook” sessions which tediously breakdown each and every loan repayment program, many of which are not applicable to the particular field and are often presented absent real-world context. Our sessions cut straight to the programs which are the most effective. We present case studies with real-world context and a strategic goal. After assisting thousands of graduates over the years, and working with many of them on an ongoing basis as they advance through their careers, we’ve learned how to avoid most of the common mistakes while also mastering many techniques to maximize savings. Strategy is the key to savings, and that is exactly what we teach in these sessions.

Individual Counseling

As debt levels rise, class sizes grow, and loan repayment programs and strategies become more complex, many financial aid staff are finding it untenable to meet one-on-one with each student and determine which repayment strategy is best for them. Additionally, the right strategy often must consider hiring trends, the financial marketplace, political concerns, and other factors which fall outside the scope of the financial aid office.

If you can relate to this problem, consider outsourcing your individual counseling to Student Loan Professor and let us take the burden off your plate. Our student loan consultations are the marquee service we provide to individual borrowers and are hugely popular with graduates. We offer the sessions in three formats to fit your school’s budget and capacity needs.

Financial Literacy

There is an increasing trend among today’s medical programs to offer well-rounded financial education which goes beyond student loans to help their graduates make smart decisions in all areas of personal finance. If you are looking for financial literacy for your students, presented in the same real-world and engaging manner as our student loan talks, look no further. While student loan repayment strategies are Student Loan Professor’s specialty, our presenters have financial planning backgrounds, have held multiple financial licenses, and can speak from experience on an array of topics. Saving for retirement, investing, building and protecting credit, renting vs. buying, insurance considerations, budgeting and tips on dealing with financial professionals are all topics we cover in our newly revamped Financial Literacy Program (FLP). The FLP is only available to medical schools at this time. We hope to expand it to other programs very soon!
Doctors Without Quarters
If you would like to explore offering any of these resources to your students, residents, or employees, please contact Brandon Barfield at

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