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Comprehensive Student Loan Consultation

$419 for Individuals

$599 for Couples
(who both have student debt)

A comprehensive loan consultation with an experienced SLP Loan Advisor is the best way to explore all of your repayment options and develop a solid strategy. Each session lasts about an hour and is conducted via Zoom.

Here is what you can expect from your investment:

  • Interview to discuss family and financial profile, career path, financial values, immediate concerns, and answer all questions
  • Complete review of federal and private loan portfolio
  • Repayment options overview with annual cost projections for each repayment plan and possible career path
  • In-depth analysis and fit assessment for loan forgiveness programs and detailed cost/forgiveness projections
  • Analysis and fit assessment for refinancing
  • Consolidation assessment
  • Repayment strategy agreed upon and step-by-step action plan drawn out and provided to you in writing, along with projections
  • Assistance with initial steps: completing consolidation, repayment applications, refinancing
  • Discussion of other concerns (time permitting): budgeting, income allocation, home purchase considerations, income protection, saving for retirement, paying down credit cards

If your consultation results in a forgiveness strategy and/or utilization of Income Driven Repayment Plans, we strongly recommend that you consider our Annual Service Offering. This will ensure your plan always complements your ever-changing situation, and that savings are maximized at all times.

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