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Our new name, with the same great service.

Since DWOQ’s inception in 2015, it’s been our privilege to counsel over 10,000 individual borrowers, mostly physicians. Our name has served us well over the years, generating a lot of smiles and laughs from doctors who absolutely get the joke about being a cash-strapped resident. Our name also regularly generates another question: “Do you only work with medical doctors?”

The answer has always been no. While we have primarily focused on serving those in the medical field, we also work with others veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, and other healthcare. But we also counsel teachers, business students, engineers, and countless other professionals from all walks of life. We give loan advice and assistance to anyone who needs it, and we’re happy to do so.

If we’re being honest, however, our name can make some borrowers feel like second-class citizens if they’re not doctors. As tuition and debt levels continue to rise for all degrees, and with millions of borrowers set to resume payments this year, we’ve decided it’s time to remedy that. We want a name that is welcoming to all borrowers. A name that makes clear what our expertise is. A name that promotes our mission to educate borrowers so they can be more empowered to manage their debt.
Therefore, we are excited to announce our new identity of Student Loan Professor.

While our name is changing, our focus remains on you. No service, pricing, or personnel are changing. We are dedicated to providing you with the same level of service and support you’ve come to expect. This name change is simply to be more inclusive, so all borrowers feel welcome working with us. 

Please let us know if you have any question. 

If you would like to explore offering any of these resources to your students, residents, or employees, please contact Brandon Barfield at