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In many fields (especially healthcare) an increasing percentage of employees are taking out five and six figure student loans in order to obtain graduate degrees. So it is no surprise that these employees then look to their employers for help with repaying the debt. In fact, an increasing number of surveys show that graduates are choosing employers in part based on available student loan benefits or qualifications for loan forgiveness programs. But before you start writing checks to help your employees in this area, be sure to explore all available options. You may be surprised to learn that directly paying student loans can often have a negative impact on your employees’ over-all loan repayment strategy. When exploring options and resources for employers to leverage it is helpful to consider your company’s tax structure.

Not-for-profit Employers

Is your institution fully leveraging Public Service Loan Forgiveness? The program is simpler and safer than the media often lets on, and can be quite beneficial for advanced practitioners, as well as many other employees. The program can be leveraged as a very effective recruitment and retention tool and should certainly be listed as an employee benefit. National Health Service Corp is also an excellent program. There are more qualification hurdles to overcome with that program, however, and the funds are never guaranteed from one year to the next.

Student Loan Professor provides current employees and new recruits with a student loan advocacy service to ensure that PSLF, NHSC, Income Driven Repayment Plans, and other programs are maximized during the tenure of employment, and that available rate reductions in the private marketplace are pursued when appropriate.

We offer three services to assist your institution with leveraging these and other repayment programs:

Employer-paid consultations

  • Comprehensive analysis and discussion with an expert advisor
  • The premier service to show that you get it, and want to help your employees with their student loans
  • Purchased with bulk discount (10, 25, 100)

Salary Boost and Refinancing Suitability

  • Quickly determines if an individual is a good candidate for PSLF
  • Refinancing is often the best course of action for those who do not pursue PSLF
  • Available at no cost

Student Loan Repayment Seminars

  • Great for engaging residents: grand rounds, didactics, orientation
  • Train your staff how to field student loan questions and complete employer forms
  • Conducted on-site or remotely

For-profit Employers

Once a borrower accepts employment through a for-profit institution, PSLF and NHSC are off the table, and the loan repayment options usually become fewer and simpler.

Refinancing and Income Driven Repayment Plans are two common strategies where DWOQ can assist:


  • We are not a lender and we are not beholden to any one lender.
  • We are an advocate and broker who shops around multiple lenders to help your recruit find the best deal.
  • Refinancing suitability analysis is offered at no cost to the employer or the employee!

Income Driven Repayment Plans

  • IDR’s provide reduced payment, interest subsidies, and long-term forgiveness options for those who have high debt-to-income ratios.
  • IDR’s can be costly to the borrower if not analyzed thoroughly and utilized in a strategic manner.
  • We break the programs down carefully and help the borrower implement them during our comprehensive student loan consultations.
If you would like to explore offering any of these resources to your students, residents, or employees, please contact Brandon Barfield at

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