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Free Refinancing Suitability Analysis and Assistance

Refinancing refers to using new, private loans to replace existing loans, which are usually Federal. The purpose for this is simple: to save money on interest. Furthermore, refinancing greatly simplifies the repayment strategy, helps you find a payment and term that works with your budget, and cuts out the Federal loan servicers which have notoriously bad reputations when it comes to service. However, the refinancing marketplace has become crowded, and finding the right lender with the best rates can be a daunting task.

Student Loan Professor (SLP) works with borrowers to help determine if refinancing is suitable, and also serves as an advocate for clients in the private lending marketplace.

If you’re wondering if refinancing your student loans is the right move for you, SLP will conduct a suitability analysis at no cost.

Your suitability analysis will contemplate the following:

  • Comprehensive review of your federal and private loan portfolio
  • Discussion of your career path and financial priorities
  • Fit assessment to ensure refinancing is the best option compared to Federal repayment and forgiveness options
  • ​Marketplace assessment to ensure you are refinancing at the best time
  • Hands-on assistance shopping out various lenders (as needed) to find the lowest available rate and payment to fit your budget.
  • Assessment of offers, savings comparison, and offer selection
  • Assistance completing application and communicating with lenders if any problems arise
  • Up to a $500 cash bonus (from the lender) depending on which lender you choose

Analysis, support, advice, the leverage of a national advisory AND a cash bonus… all provided to you absolutely FREE. It’s a no-brainer.

Special note for Residents and Fellows: It is generally recommended that early-stage residents working in non-profit hospitals utilize federal repayment programs to reduce payments and keep the door open for forgiveness. Once you are sure that you will not be pursuing forgiveness, then consider refinancing. There are resident-specific refinancing products which offer both reduced payments and reduced interest for early-stage residents. Final year residents with signed job offers can lock in traditional refinance loans and defer payment until the new job starts.

SLP only works with the most reputable refinancing lenders. If you’d prefer to get started on your own, click any logo below to see your personalized offer.

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