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Jan 26, 2024

Student Loan and Personal Finance Presentations From Student Loan Professor

Is your Chapter or institution looking for student loan and personal finance resources? Look no further! Our team at SLP has been presenting to veterinarians, physicians, and dentists since 2011! Student loans do not exist in a vacuum—your strategy for both borrowing and repaying student loans directly impacts your overall financial health. We understand that, and we have experience helping over 10,000 borrowers. Blending a mix of professional education, training, and real-life lessons, our presentations are insightful, practical, and engaging.

Presentation Options for Veterinary Students

Introduction to Student Loan Repayment and Forgiveness Programs:

BCP, Category 4: Student Debt.

Stressing over your student debt doesn’t start after graduation. It starts the first time you see that cost of attendance number! This presentation is specifically designed to give 1st through 3rd year students piece of mind. We introduce different loan repayment and forgiveness options, while including helpful examples showing how different strategies may complement different career paths.

Student Loan Exit Counseling for Final Year DVM Students:

BCP, Category 4: Student Debt.

When it’s time to make tough repayment decisions, the details matter! This in-depth presentation provides the prescriptive knowledge graduating students need to make smart decisions. We’ll get into Income Driven Repayment, loan forgiveness, refinancing, consolidation, and more. We include expert tips on how to capture additional savings.

Budgeting and Personal Finance for DVM Students:

BCP, Category 4: Personal Finance, Student Debt, Credit Score.

This presentation can serve as an entrance counseling session or “Personal Finance 101”. In addition to making sure you understand the terms and terminology of your student loans, we’ll show you how to create a budget and track your spending. We’ll also demonstrate the importance of building and maintaining a strong credit score.

Financial Priorities for Final Year DVM Students:

BCP, Category 4: Personal Finance, Personal Investments.

The contract is signed. You start next month. Now what? Recent graduates often confess they are not comfortable with financial terms and best practices. 401k or IRA? Traditional vs. Roth? Stocks or bonds? Whole life or term life? HMO or PPO? The list goes on. This session is your essential financial bootcamp as you launch your career.

Contact Brandon Barfield at, or call 404.973.8081.

Speaker fees are session-specific but may be negotiable under certain circumstances. Some presentations may involve speaker fees and/or travel costs. Schedule a meeting with Brandon Barfield to discuss options and pricing specific for your school.

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Brandon Barfield

Brandon Barfield

Brandon Barfield is the President and Co-Founder of Student Loan Professor, and is nationally known as student loan expert for graduate health professions. Since 2011, Brandon has given hundreds of loan repayment presentations for schools, hospitals, and medical conferences across the country. With his diverse background in financial aid, financial planning and student loan advisory, Brandon has a broad understanding of the intricacies surrounding student loans, loan repayment strategies, and how they should be considered when graduates make other financial decisions.

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