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Student Loan Relief Just In Time For The Holidays! 

Dreaming of a debt-free Christmas? Student Loan Professor is here to make it a reality! Wrap up your student loans with consultations, servicer magic, and a customized refinancing plan. Top it off with a bow using promo code JINGLE20 for 20% off! There are two great resources available to you:

Doctors Without Quarters

Save Thousands Off Your Student Loan Debt with SLP!

Are you interested in loan forgiveness? Do you need payment relief through income driven repayment plans? Do you want to thoroughly explore all of your options and lay out a detailed strategy to manage your debt? If so, our comprehensive student loan consultation is just the tool to help you get a grip on your loan repayment. Our consultations have a satisfaction rating of over 95%.

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Comprehensive Student Loan Consultation

Here is what you can expect from your investment:

  • Interview to discuss family and financial profile, career path, financial values, immediate concerns, and answer all questions
  • Complete review of federal and private loan portfolio
  • Repayment options overview with annual cost projections for each repayment plan and possible career path
  • In-depth analysis and fit assessment for loan forgiveness programs and detailed cost/forgiveness projections
  • Analysis and fit assessment for refinancing
  • Consolidation assessment
  • Repayment strategy agreed upon and step-by-step action plan drawn out and provided to you in writing, along with projections
  • Assistance with initial steps: completing consolidation, repayment applications, refinancing
  • Discussion of other concerns (time permitting): budgeting, income allocation, home purchase considerations, income protection, saving for retirement, paying down credit cards